The major cause of global warming is the increase in emissions of greenhouse gasses (GHG). Kyueisha Corporation is striving to clarify the quantity of GHG it emits and its sources through the production of printed matter based on the carbon footprint approach. And then, it is sharply reducing GHG emissions by taking advantage of the offset effects of Carbon Offsets.

Carbon Offsets

Under the carbon footprint concept, CO2 emission sources are visualized to cut these emissions by revising the specifications of materials with high emission levels and modifying manufacturing processes which emit large quantities in factories and other emission locations, but the carbon offset system permits a manufacturer to purchase emissions which have been cut at a completely different plant as CO2 emission rights, and to cut overall emissions by this offset. Kyueisha cuts emissions calculated by the carbon footprint concept by applying the following two kinds of carbon offsets.

Offsets by Domestic CDM Rights

CO2 emission rights are created by specifying the net quantity of CO2 reduced by an emission reduction mechanism and certifying this net quantity as the atmospheric CO2 density reduction effects. We had been using UN Certified CO2 Emission Right until March 2011. This emission right created by the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) stipulated by the Kyoto Accord is called a UN Certified Emission Reduction (CER). However, Japanese Clean Development Mechanism (Domestic CDM) has improved recently, there is an increasing call, for returning Japanese investments to Japanese environmental market. So, Kyueisha decided to change the deal with Certified CO2 Emission Right to Domestic CDM from UN CER from April 2011.
Domestic CDM right is created by Japanese Ministry of Economy, and Domestic CDM is called "Domestic Credit" in Japan.
Kyueisha has signed a contract with the highly dependable carbon offset provider, COJ (Carbon Offset Japan), and applies this "Domestic Credit" to provide carbon offset printing. The printed matter thus provided can bear the logo mark shown on the right and presents the statement, "---kg of CO2 produced by this printed matter offset by Carbon Offset Japan, contributing to the prevention of global warming and also activates domestic economy."

Offset by the Green Power Certification System.

Under the CER introduced above, the emission rights purchased are entirely obtained through overseas investments, because the domestic trade in emission rights is now at the preparation stage. So in order to apply Japanese funds to improve the environment in Japan, Kyueisha is participating in the Green Power Certification System. A quantity of electric power equivalent to that used for printing is provided by Green Power—solar power or wind power—generated inside Japan. The logo shown on the right can be applied to printed matter produced in a case where a Green Power Certificate has been purchased by Energy Green Co., Ltd. The statement, "The electric power used for printing (---kWh) was generated by Green Power." can be presented. And Kyueisha also handles Green Power Certificates issued by providers other than Energy Green Co., Ltd.
When a company purchases Green Power, the fee is paid to a Green Power Plant inside Japan, which generates the power and issues a Green Power Certificate as evidence that it is Green Power. The added environmental value which is the basis of the Green Power Certificate is inspected and monitored then approved and certified by a third party body, the Green Energy Certification Center, Japan, a subsidiary organization of The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan, acting as the certification body, thus preventing duplicate or other inappropriate utilization of the certificate.

Our Achievements of Carbon Offsets

Since Kyueisha began using carbon offsets in March, 2009 until the present date, it has offset the following CO2 emissions, contributing to the prevention of global warming.

Certified Emission Reduction : 342 t-CO2
The Green Power : 32,000 kW/h

Details of Achievements of Carbon Offsets

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